Senscent W23 - Inspired by Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

W23 - Inspired by Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford

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W23 , inspired by Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford captures the essence of luxury and elegance, transporting you to the heart of Tuscany's rolling landscapes. The journey begins with a burst of fruity and smoky notes that dance on the senses, reminiscent of an open-air market in the Italian countryside. As the fragrance unfolds, the rich and supple leather accord takes center stage, creating an aura of refinement and opulence. W23 dry-down is a harmonious blend of warm amber and sweet vanilla, leaving a lasting impression that lingers like a treasured memory. With W23, you can embrace the spirit of Italian craftsmanship and style, making every moment an ode to sophistication and allure. Elevate your scent game with Tuscan and let it be your signature of distinction.

Scent Profile


Scent Olfactory

Top Notes: Raspberry, Saffron, Thyme
Middle Notes: Olibanum, Jasmine
Base Notes: Leather, Suede ,Woody, Amber

Size: 50ml


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